Note: Open enrollment for coverage has ended. You may still obtain coverage if you qualify for Special Enrollment Period (SEP) due to a change in family status (i.e, marriage or birth of a child) or loss of other health coverage. In order to enroll under SEP, you must provide acceptable documentation showing proof and date of your qualifying life event.
What is a Qualifying Life Event?
The most common Qualifying Life Events are listed below. You may be eligible if you:
• Lost health coverage in the last 60 days or expect to lose it within the next 60 days
• Got a divorce and lost health insurance.
• Got married.
• Gave birth.
• Adopted a child or had a foster child placed in your home.
• Had a death in your household.
• No longer live in your current health plan’s coverage area (e.g. moved to a new state).
• Had a change in household income.
• Became a U.S. citizen.
Other Qualifying Life Events include:
• A prolonged illness that required hospitalization.
• A temporary cognitive disability.
• An enrollment error made by an insurer, government entity, or insurance agent..
• Being released from prison or detention.
• A natural disaster.
Special Enrollment Events (use only if applying due to a qualifying event outside of Open Enrollment)
Please select a special event:
Please provide the date of the special event:  

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